Celebrated New York City eatery La Mangeoire has been a mainstay on Second Avenue for over 35 years. Known for its rustic décor, lush flower arrangements and romantic ambiance, diners are transported to the warmth of the French country side the moment they walk through the door.

Chef Christian Delouvrier (former four-star Lespinasse and Ducasse chef) joined the restaurant and has taken the cuisine to a new level. Proud of the years he spent creating and serving the very high end of fine dining in both Paris and New York, Christian consulted with a number of  NYC restaurants. He soon became excited by what he could achieve in applying his experience, technique and creativity to cooking “bistro fare” without the “pomp and circumstance”  that accompanies "fine dining". Much of those costs are in the high ratio of staff to diners, in lavish décor and table settings, as well as the prevalent use of the most decadent ingredients such as foie gras, truffles, caviar - not to mention the high priced wines.

In the new economy, Delouvrier felt the need to return to traditional values of French country cooking, at the very moment that fate brought Gerard Donato and his La Mangeoire into his life.

"Here I found a home. This unpretentious but charming French bistro with its loyal clientele has been the perfect place for me. Gerard has been the perfect partner. They have welcomed my reconversion and enabled me to express myself in both traditional dishes and new creations that stress flavor over style."...Christian Delouvrier.

"Together our aim is to offer consistently high quality food at affordable prices - in a cozy romantic atmosphere. Please join us in the near future and experience it for yourselves. We hope you will share in our excitement.!"
.......Christian & Gerard

1008 Second Ave, New York, NY, Tel: (212) 759-7086
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