Christian Delouvrier
Executive Chef, La Mangeoire

Born in Boulogne-Sur-Gesse in Gascony (the South of France), Christian Delouvrier discovered his passion for food and cooking at a young age. Young Delouvrier’s first culinary influences were his mother and two grandmothers, all of whom were excellent home cooks. These talented women passed on family recipes and instilled a deep respect for local ingredients that still inspire his cooking today. At the age of 15 Delouvrier decided to pursue cooking as a profession, enrolling in classes at the Hotel School of Toulouse while gaining practical experience through apprenticeships in local restaurants. 

Degree in hand, Delouvrier moved to Paris to hone his skills at the renowned Café de la Paix. From there he began traveling and working in some of the world's best kitchens from Montreal to the Bahamas to New York. He returned to Paris in 1978 to Alain Senderens' three Michelin star, L'Archestrate. In 1981 he returned to New York to open the now famed Maurice restaurant in the Hotel Parker Meridien in collaboration with his mentor Alain Senderens. Over a short period of time, the Maurice emerged as one of New York City's best French restaurants. Delouvrier remained there for nearly eight years.

Chef Delouvrier’s next move was to the Essex House/Hotel Nikko where he opened Les Celebrites to rave reviews.  His three-star review in The New York Times described his menu as “a Zen-like harmony of East and West that is a joy to experience.”  In 1998, Delouvrier was named Executive Chef at Lespinasse and almost immediately earned a coveted New York Time's Four-Star review. In 2003 he published his book Mastering Simplicity, a Life in the Kitchen.

In 2004, Christian joined Alain Ducasse at the Essex House as Executive Chef where he continued to garner glowing reviews. Since 2006, Delouvrier has consulted with a number of restaurateurs to revitalize existing ventures or to launch new concepts. In late 2009 he began consulting at La Mangeoire and has remained on as the Executive Chef since. La Mangeoire has given him a place to show his love of food and focus on the techniques and ingredients that define French fare. Along with a renovation of the interior in the Fall of 2011, Delouvrier created a new menu featuring dishes inspired by “French Country Cooking” that celebrate all the different regions of the countryside that have put French cuisine on the map.

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